Content Management Software - CMS
By Moke ( - 20070609


CMS is a web content portal which allow you to create a professional website within minutes.
You no longer have a attend web design course or buy expensive software just to put up a page on your website, as you can login CMS and updating it easily.

This is what I have done within few minutes ... NO SWEAT !!!

What else can CMS do ?

With the integrated CMS feature, you will be able to manage or update your web pages instantly within a few steps.
You won't even believe that creating your corporate website is as simple as creating a document or spreedsheet.

CMS is not only for your internet existence, it also have the capability to allow documentation storage which will
make available only after a authorised password login.

So as to say, you can do document filing, work or project collaboration between colleagues and even newsletter or news updates within this portal.

So come'on ... let your creativity blast off from here with CMS ...